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All radiators are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase! We offer more than 1,000 radiators in stock!

The Radiator Repair Services You Can Rely On

Regulating the temperature in your property is crucial, and if you don’t have central air, you’re going to want to think of alternative ways to heat your property. Having cast iron radiators installed is an ideal solution, and our company can help. Whether you already have radiators and simply need radiator repair services to ensure that they’re fully functional or you simply want to have new ones installed, you can turn to us. Apex Cast Iron Radiators is a company that supplies all kinds of radiator-related services, so leave it all to our experts.

The Services That We Can Provide 

Radiator Services

Radiator Services
We can supply and deliver cast iron radiators to our clients as needed. This means that you can have them installed and start regulating the temperature inside your property. All our radiators are hydro-tested, sandblasted, and flushed of any internal deposits. 

Hydro Testing Services

Hydro Testing Services
Our hydro testing services are performed on all radiators that we supply and more. This process can ensure that everything is functioning properly for your radiators and that your needs are met. Rely on us and our testing services as needed.

Radiator Flushing

Radiator Flushing
Over time, radiators can accumulate particles inside, such as iron deposits, water inlets, and more. These can be flushed out with our services as needed. We’ll perform the service and ensure that your radiator is ready for installation. Count on our professionalism for the job.

Radiator Cleaning

Radiator Cleaning
We can also work on cleaning your radiator as needed so that you don’t have to stress about doing it yourself. We’ll clean each nook and cranny of the radiator and leave you satisfied with our work. Rest assured that you’ll be pleased.

Sandblasting Services

Sandblasting Services
Sandblasting can be essential for a cast iron radiator, and with our services, it can be done with ease. The process can remove rust and other tough-to-remove particles and residues from the surface of the radiator. Leave the process to us. 

Radiator Painting

Radiator Painting
To improve the look of your radiator, we’ll be able to paint it as needed. We use Benjamin Moore Paint for this process and can guarantee a sleek and appealing finish once we’re done. You’ll get the long-lasting paint results that you’re looking for. 

Why Choose Us

When it comes to radiators, it’s crucial to work with professionals that can do it all for you. Whether it’s radiator restoration or thorough cleaning, we’ll take on the job and ensure your satisfaction. Trust our team in Portland, ME to handle the task with the expertise that is required.

How We Do It

Each process is carefully planned out and completed so that your radiators are not only functioning properly but also looking good. We also offer a professional sandblasting service and more. Apex Cast Iron Radiators is a company that you can rely on for the job from beginning to end.

If you are interested in getting our radiator cleaning services in Portland, ME, just give us a call now to schedule your appointment! 

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Great Repair Services

We decided to work with this company for their radiator repair services and loved their professionalism. They showed just how experienced they were and that they cared about our satisfaction. Everything turned out great! We highly recommend their services! 

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